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About The Artist

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Born in London, England, I grew up in a home that had a unique taste for the Arts.  My grandfather sings, My father is a contractor, one of my older sister dances,  and the other sings. The boys, well there is certainly creativity in them.


I- like my mother and my mother's mother- paint. 

To be honest, I didn't know which art I would pursue as a career - dance or painting. But after finishing my art GCSE (high school exams in London) and haven performed on stage in a number of theatrical shows performed by woman and just for an audience of woman, I felt that my heart was more with my hands in painting than with my feet on the dance floor. ( Though only slightly more ;)


With that decision. I did a year of Art A- level (the final exams of high school in London) and went to Israel to enroll in art college where I received my B.ed in teaching Art.

Whilst in Israel I had numerous experiences that influenced and inspired my art for the better, and so too when I returned to London to teach for another year and a half. 

Now back in Israel, with a new chapter of my life just beginning, I have all those exciting, fun, testing, difficult, teary, exasperating, giggly and wondrous times to express and share in my artwork.

My main paint medium is oil paints, but using graphite or ink is always a joy :)

Watercolour has come up more recently and I'm always eager to try out new techniques and textures. 

To purchase originals or prints, go to the  CONTACT page to send a message to me.

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