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Mixed Media

Spot my books! Plying with Photoshop aga

Dabbling around with photoshop, I combined my shadings of black and white books I drew by hand, onto this colourful bookshelf.

A play on the heart. Learning to fiddle

The heart, its chambers and the vessels is another thing that fascinates me.

Ink: Winsor Newton

"הבורא יתברך שמו"

The creator, may His name be blessed

Our world, ink #windsorandnewton #ourwor
Feeling the power of the #roundtip #pain

Tempera is the technique of painting with pigments bound in a water-soluble emulsion, such as water and egg yolk, or an oil-in-water emulsion such as oil and a whole egg. I used egg yolk and just letting the flow of the watery paints take their course over my canvas. creating these awesome different, striking designs!

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