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I seem not to have put this one up yet!_
Another #contemporary #realism #with #ab

The idea began from 'Tintin and the Lake of Sharks'. In one strip, Captian Haddock runs to the bar for some whiskey, only to find himself smacking into the 3D projection on the wall Professor Calculus had created. 

I wanted to create something as equally realistic but keeping it 'arty' at the same time. After running through some ideas, I stuck with a wardrobe. After drawing and shading it all out, I glued my clothing on it. ( The coloured materials are real.) I left it as half a cupboard to keep the contemporary 'artiness' to it. I was impressed with how well it worked out for a first execution. So I did another one :)

This time, I worked on my installation so that it would be even more realistic, and more of an illusion to the eye than my previous work. 

I thought a washing machine would be very suitable :)

Once I had completed my machine, it was camera time! 

To create the illusion in the best way, I stuck my drawn machine right in front of my real one (that had my dryer on top of it) and put the washing powder and softener close by too - to really set the scene.

Come a few months later, and I thought I really needed a third to complete the series of installations.

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