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Abstract plant in oils_edited.jpg

You know, I just can't help it. I paint plants and flowers, and I love nature, but I can't help slapping on some awesome bold colours,  These were painted while I was studying the shapes and forms of these beautiful leaves. 

Oil Paints A1

Another plant with oils #contemporary #s

Now THIS one...this one I stayed up till three in the morning for. To get a perfect black night for my shadow and background, and that deep level of looming depth, while I used a strong table lamp to give the contrast of the beautiful bright highlights of the leaves' form. 

Ah! what we do for art!

Oil Paints

Still life oil pastels_edited_edited.jpg

Pines cones. A very interesting object to observe in order to draw. On the one hand, looking at them so carefully with all their little bits made my eyes go mad, and on the other, it was very exhilarating when I finished!

Oil Pastels


This one is simply a geometric study of a landscape. 

Testing yourself as an artist to re-do basic technique tips and tricks is great for the progress of your art!

oil paint


Sketching in charcoal outside in the beautiful sun :)




A quick exercise of lights and darks with a bunch of leaves.

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