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Abstract eyes

The eye is just soo captivating. It is something I love and have loved for a long time. It's the first thing you look at when you talk to someone and the last thing you look at when you finish the conversation. In its depths, you lose yourself, and those same depths that you find yourself. How can one not be fascinated?

Abstract eye._Oil paints _#oilpainting #
IMG_1005 1.jpg

Acrylic B1

oil paint B1

Studying the unique patterns of the iris with a limited palette of mainly blues and browns.


Acrylic 33"x26"

For the green eye, I really allowed the flow of the shapes to overtake the original form of the eye to create a flowing abstract piece.


19.6" x 15.7"

Although smaller than my previous eyes, this piece is just bursting with energy and colour!


In this one I have expanded the use of colours, bringing in the bold red and orange. There is a stronger focus on movement. 

More than the eye can see

oil paint, 61"x70"

A coloboma of an iris also trapped me in its unique abnormality and beauty. In the project of 'Inside Outside Self,' I included a coloboma in the third painting, whose forms were based on an iris.


34.6" x 49.6"

Working with a new design using two iris centres together with the influence of beautiful flowers, combining two pure and natural forms found in nature.

Postcard green eye.

15.7" x 11.8"

A bluey monochrome.

Although limited in colour, this small piece highlights the surge of movement and mysterious depths in the iris' abstract composition.

Post card size, this newest edition was done in a new medium- watercolour!

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