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Vintage Beauty

I moved countries and embraced the culture that met me. But what I learnt more and more, is that as much as I loved the new culture, the one I was born into remained a part of me. My love for the old and vintage items of my grandparents' homes; the pocket watches, the ink bottles and fountain pens and mysterious dusty boxes. I love that my mother taught me how to write in script, a penmanship considered as 'art' today.

The Typewriter

living in suitcases

Collage, Oil Paint, Ink

typewriter underwood

Printing ink. acylic

This piece binds together a part of my family's history, my own experiences and my love for my family, friends and my travels.

For the typewriter, I used black block ink to transfer the image and the text onto the canvas. A couple of layers and some added highlights to enhance the detail, and this magnificent piece of machinery has emerged!

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