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Keeping It Real

FullSizeRender 9 1.JPG

pastels, charcoal, B1

Ink, lots of ink

winsor newton ink B1

Secrets of the soul 

written on the lines of the hand

Don't let people push you to create something that you don't want to do when it is only for their benefit and not yours. Something I had to learn in college. Rather than bottling up my frustration, I threw it out into two new pieces- to show how exasperated I was. 

I have to say, it definitely made me feel better ;) and it showed the tutor who pressurized me, that I was standing strong in my decision to follow my own path of creativity, rather than theirs.

Fire and Spirit

Rembrandt oil pastels, B1

Fire and Spirit

Letting out emotion into one's artwork is an expression of self. Although I do not do self-portraits of my face, I find that the abstract, expressive pieces of mine are the 'self-portraits' I prefer to create for myself anyway :)


This creation, named 'Fire and Spirit', is for me the deepest, most self-recognized and identified piece in regard to personal expression.

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