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Wedding Invitation


As an artist, I REALLY wanted to design my own wedding invitation. I mean, as much as I was super busy with other details for the special day, it's kind of expected from an artist, right? 

I wanted my theme to be different- but still Holy. Unique,-but clear to the viewer what it was. With the help of my mother, I settled on "Shaar Harachamim" 'Gate of Mercy' Jerusalem. ( Or "The Golden Gate".) One of the eight gates of the old city walls of Jerusalem.

This was the initial piece that was pain

Not 100% thinking about the fact that it will be the invitation background, I started to draw and colour with ink straight away, in beautiful, bold, reds, oranges, blues and dashes of gold paint.

I then added a new section, with the same design of colours for any extra writing. Completing this, I realized it was all a bit too bold for a wedding invitation. Words would just get lost. 

That was when Malka a talented family friend, came to complete the design, with her brilliant graphic design skills.


A sepia wash, a paper border, and an added backdrop of the colour of our choice...and presto!

She is a marvel, Malka.

Doubled it up, added some smart writing on for the wedding details. Hebrew for the guests and family in the Holy land. And we had our invite! 


Halved it again, so we had a base for our 'thank-you's

Used a draft of the initial drawing of the gate, for the cover of our 'Birchat Hamazon'.

And voila! Designs complete.

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